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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  June 15, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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♪ >> right now gruesome discover row has local police on the search for killer a woman's body dumped in fairmount park and police say she had been shot and stabbed. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. investigators may have figure out who she is. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live at police headquarters tonight. dave? >> reporter: lucy police have not yet officially released the name of the woman but they believe she's from chester a team of deck social security trying to locate her family right now. to notify them. the identification was made after police released details about three very distinctive tattoos on her body. tonight they tell me this brutal murder may have been an act of retaliation. >> it's sad. >> reporter: people come to fairmount park to relax. they ride horses here. maybe take a cruise on their bike or go to concert at the ma inform n. they don expect to find crime scene tape and dead bodies here. like the ones discovered near this picnic area tuesday morni
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morning. >> this not the kind of place where murders and stuff like that or dumping bodies. >> i believe she was in a fight for her life and unfortunately she lost. >> reporter: homicide detectives and crime scene investigators arrived in the park just after 8:00 a.m. they found the body of a woman who had clearly been in a struggle and may have been tortured. >> they found an unidentified black female handcuffed with her hands to the front, she had been stabbed multiple times she was shot one time in the back of the head. >> people are sick. >> reporter: a couple on their way to work spotted her body just off the 5300 block of georgia hill drive behind the mann center they have called 911. >> we believe that this murder happened somewhere else and she was dumped at this locate. >> reporter: police say the victim had several defensive wounds on her hands and arms. her body may have been in the park for some 10 to 15 hours. they described several tattoos on her body. >> she has the word loyal
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l-o-y-a-n across her chest. she has the word cash spelled k-a money sign for s and h on her right writ and tattoo of arose on her right thigh. >> i'm sorry for her family that's all. >> reporter: police still trying to determine if this muster may have been drug relate they did not find a murder weapon in the park. again, they continue to track down that id tonight they have tentative identified her. they're looking for her family to make that identification official. they'll release the name when that happens. lucy? >> thank you, dave. new details tonight about the days leading up to the mass shooting in orlando nightclub. as communities around the world come together to honor those lost and still fighting for their lives, tonight people packed into this orlando church for prayer jill and here at home candles lit in collingswood, new jersey n support of a community shattered by the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. investigators are revealing new details about the shooter and
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the days leading up to sunday morning's tragedy. >> we have learned that omar mateen was a regular at the club pulse and reportedly had profiles on gay dating apps sources and telling fox news mateen's wife knew about plans for a possible attack and did not alert authorities before the shooting. 49 people died. more than 50 others were hurt ton night 27 survivors are still in the hospital. two of the survivors from sunday's shooting spoke today for the first time since the massacre. both from philadelphia. both still in the hospital recovering. one of those survivors patience carter is an intern here at fox 29. patience says what started as the best night of her life qui quickly turned into the worst. fox 29's dawn timmeney explains. >> laid there for hours and hours hoping that someone came and got us and hoping that the police would come through at
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that point in time and just like save us all. >> 20-year-old patience carter a fox 29 intern describing the horror of being trapped in orlando light nightclub bathroom as gunman goes on wild shooting rampage. patience and dozens of others shot, some killed including her friend akyra murray who had just graduated west catholic prep last monday. >> i looked across and i could see my best friend on the floor and akyra just looking lifeless and at that point i was just i really don't think i'll get out of here. >> patience says at one point the shooter's gun jammed. >> he was like damn like it jammed with my face under the stall looking i could see him put down his machine gun and try to -- you can hear him trying to click in and fix his handgun. >> patience says the gunman remained in the bathroom for what seemed like forever. she says the shooter spoke to them directly claiming he was
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doing this because america has to stop bombing his country. she says he also seemed to be communicating with someone else on the phone, someone she thinks may have also been involved. >> whoever he spoke to and, you know, some police officer maybe he was just row ranged maybe he was talking to himself i honestly feel i don't think he was able to pull that off all by himself. one man all by himself. >> patience is thankful to be alive when so many others died including her 18-year-old friend akyra the youngest victim. patience wrote a poem she recited from her hospital in orlando about guilt of surviving such an ordeal. >> you lay beside individuals who lives were brutally taken the guilt of being alive is heavy. >> patience carter was strong and composed as she described the terror she endured but she broke down in tears at the end of that hospital news conferen conference. patience pain is far deeper than just the gunshot wounds to her
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two legs. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. >> you heard a small part of that poem that patience wrote about survivor guilt. tomorrow on "good day philadelphia", we'll talk to a licensed therapist and clinical social worker about dealing with that guilt and grief. the family of the philadelphia teen who died in the orlando massacre has a warning for those looking to help the family. the mother of 18-year-old akyra murray says they have noticed several fake gofundme pages set up in their daughter's memory the family says those wishing to donate money to the murray family head to any -- >> angel santiago had just moved from philadelphia to orlando how he escaped after he had been shot that's coming y you up latr in the newscast. >> on top of breaking news. reports of multiple people shot in wilmington. skyfox is live over the scene. this is south van buren street and reid street and you can see
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a lot of police cars. a lot of activity in the area. but police are not releasing any details right now. they clearly have a lot on their hands. now we do have a crew on the way on the ground. we'll bring you a live report as soon as we can. chester county where police captured a man cued of murdering three people. police say the shootings happened in west virginia but the suspect erin shoot ran to our area. the 32-year-old at one time lived in pennsville township, salem county with his mother. the manhunt spanned three states lasted about eight hours. police say the fatal shootings were over. a property dispute. >> now to a developing story out of delaware county. where a 17-year-old is in stable condition tonight after being shot outside upper chichester church. he was hit multiple times in the leg but did manage to walk to his house which is nearby. his family called police and investigators say the teen is not cooperating but they believe the shooting happened in a parking lot where she will casings were found. police are looking for two men who took off in a silver sedan.
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there's been no motive determined in that shooting. teen is in critical condition after someone stabbed him in west philadelphia. it happened around 4:00 this afternoon on the 4900 block of walton avenue. 17-year-old victim had stab wounds in the chest, ribs and thigh. police sources tell fox 29 that he was arguing with another teen when a man in his 30s came around and stabbed him. so far they have not found the suspect. on your radar, cooler temperatures are sticking arou around. let's take look live look at reading to night. we're in the low 70s but we're going to keep cooling off before the morning. kathy. >> um-hmm. we sure are. here we go again with those warm sunny days and those cooler crisp nights. outside it's pretty comfortable out there. the dew points the humidity is low. we have a clear sky. really nice sleeping weather at least for one more night. in philadelphia still 74. 71 in trenton. look at millville, 57. 57 in the poconos. 63 in wildwood and 66 in atlantic city. come tomorrow morning, much cooler waking up to around
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60 degrees in the city. allentown 53. 62 in millville and 57 in wrightstown and trenton. coming up we'll talk about another mild day. we do have the warmth that will be peeking during the day tomorrow. after that, we have the rain moving in and looking ahead to father's day. can we salvage the weekend? that coming up were it your seven day forecast from the city to the shore later in the broadcast. i'll is he you then. >> all right, kathy. developing story now out of northeast philadelphia. a teenager walking near roosevelt boulevard is hit and killed by a car and now police are looking for the driver who took off from the scene. police say the 17-year-old victim had a green light when she was crossing but so did the driver. fox 29's bruce gordon takes look at what went wrong. >> reporter: you don't have to spend much time at the intersection of roosevelt boulevard and adams avenue to see something is wrong. very wrong. there are the usual red light runners but that's not it. notice when northbound traffic gets its green light, the pedestrian light at adams says
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walk. so as northbound traffic makes the soft right hand curve eastbound on to adams at 40 miles an hour or better, it takes drivers straight into pedestrians who thought they had the right of way. >> i actually grew up right here and this has been crazy like this my entire life. i have no idea why they do it. i walk around. >> reporter: philadelphia police say 17-year-old march kayla jackson of the feltonville section of the city was struck and killed in exactly that fashion monday night around 11:30. crossing adams southbound when she was struck by a northbound light color older model mini van making that soft right hand curve on to adams. the driver took off. >> all the driver had to do at that point was just stop. because the driver had the green light. as did the pedestrian. had it stopped and pulled over and like they're supposed to call nip 11 and render aid. that's what you're supposed to do. >> reporter: it looks like it's a ridiculously dangerous situation here i'm watching people scamper across i called penndot to report the screw relight cycle they called it a
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vol lid observation and said they're now talking with city traffic engineers to to see about fix. remember, as pedestrians get their walk light, northbound traffic making that curve at 40 miles an hour or better is heading straight at them. >> i was out there and it look like a tough place to cross adams avenue at that point. without a doubt. the streets department has designed it that way for whatever reason i don't know. and it may have caused -- it may have caused the crash. >> witness tells police the victim jackson was on her cell phone moments before the accident. but it was not clear whether she was distracted at the moment of impact. in the newsroom, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. this guy walks into a local restaurant and said he was firefighter. he claimed he was there to help protect people but police say it was all a lie. what he did next that's got police on the look out. >> a mom's trip to the store turns into a fight for her one-year-old son. >> he just kind of put him down and then walked off. >> one thing she says kept her
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safe when a stranger tried to snatch him. >> neighbors call for help when their drain system back up. they say the smell is terrible
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>> we are on top of breaking news right now. we have reports of multiple people shot in wilmington delaware. live look at the scene on south van burp recent and reid streets. plenty of police activity. some police officers there with flashlights looking at various houses and residences. a lot of activity in the area. all right shawnette wilson is on the way. police not releasing any details right now. but again as soon as shawnette gets up and gets a live report
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we'll bring it to you as soon as we can. he said he worked with the fire department and he was there to change out fire extinguishe extinguishers. police say that's a story this man told workers at a local restaurant you can surmise what i'm about to say. they're saying it was all lie. >> now they're trying to track down the man who got away with nearly 500 buck. let's get out to brad sattin whose live outside the philadelphia police 26th district station in fishtown tonight. brad? >> reporter: iain as you can imagine the theft at a fast food joint not big news but this one did catch our attention because the manager says this guy was one smooth criminal. >> this man is this man his photo now addition played in front of the restaurant pop eyes on west lehigh. this manager admits she was taken by a very smooth crook. last friday around 6:00 p.m., the man captured on camera walked in claiming to be with the fire department to replace some extinguishers. fresh off a recent inspection, he sure sounded legit. >> everything was clicking perfectly like he knew.
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he knew the bosses name. he just new everything to say. everything was just there. he didn't stutter. didn't blink. didn't flinch anything. >> she caulder owner to verify but he couldn't be reached. she called me. i was in meet and i couldn't pick up the phone. they're not allowed to give cash money to anybody. >> somehow the communication got crossed and another manager gave the go ahead and man was taken into the back. >> he had to do it before. like he knew exactly what to say. how to get into somebody's mind how to just tele it? story just to get there and just say this is this and this and this but i'm not going to make any facial expressions. >> he wrote town receipts totaling $476 with a fake name and address collected the cash and said he'd go to his car to get the tools and extinguishers. well you know what happened from there. >> it didn't click to me until he said he'll come back to get his tools. after i paid him. just like where did he go? >> he was gone.
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>> it's not hard. people make facial expression they switch move their hands certain way. he knew. like he had to do it before. >> reporter: owner says there's no way there won't be other victims. >> he has a professional. >> you think he's a pro? >> yes. >> reporter: own are in tells me he's seen scams like this before. times when there were claims that owe owed money for old electric bills, all part of a scam. but something like this he says in his 14 years of ownership he has never seen before. of course, if you recognize that suspect, call police. iain and lucy. >> brad, thank you. a quick-moving thief makes off with package on someone else's doorstep in the city burholme neighborhood after picking up the box he runs to awaiting car with a driver inside. this happened last monday on monitor street. the box had infant medication and some clothes inside. police are hoping someone might recognize this guy and give them a call. a school police officer is in the hospital tonight after he was hurt inside a southwest philadelphia school this afternoon.
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skyfox is over tilden middle school police say the officer was trying to subdue a student during some sort of incident. they've not yet identified the officer but he's at mercy fitzgerald officer in stable condition. closing arguments are over in the corruption trial of representative chaka fattah and so the jury will soon get the case. over the past two days, defense lawyers have argued the government cherry picked evidence to smear fattah and others. prosecutors say fattah used illegal $1 million, 2007 campaign loan for his failed race for mayor of philadelphia. fattah's lawyers say he was not behind setting up the loan and claim his name appears nowhere on documents nor e-mails linked to the deal. the judge will instruct the jurors in the morning before they begin their deliberations. >> back to that breaking news we're staying on top of now in wilmington, delaware, where several people have been shot. our shawnette wilson is live at the scene right now. shawnette, i know you just got there but what do we know? >> reporter: well, iain, right now we're live on van burr
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recent street behind mow you can see an active crime seen about a block away on elm street. investigators telling us that they reported -- responded to reports of shots being fired. when they arrived on the scene they found multiple victims suffering from gunshot wounds. we're told five people to be exact have been taken to area hospitals. if there's any good news in this tonight we're told they're all in stable condition. no word on motive at this hour or whether anyone in custody. police are still investigating. this is very preliminary but again you can see an active crime scene down at elm street. this is at the intersection of van buren and elm. five people taken to area hospitals after being shot here in wilmington tonight. that's what we have right now. investigators still talking to people on the scene interviewing people, collecting evidence to find out what led to the shooting. it's unclear the ages of the victims. we did hear there may be juveniles involved but again that has yet been confirmed by police. five people shot here this evening all in stable condition tonight.
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iain, back to you. >> thank goodness that nobody has died in that incident. >> seriously. >> second chance for some local young people who were at risk of going down the wrong road. 250 students graduated today in north philadelphia as part of the camel lot lot education program which high schools drop out as chance to earn their diploma. da seth williams spoke about overcoming his own challenges. >> family walked into their car after dinner strapped their son into his car seat. when they saw danger heading that are way. what an armed man said seconds before the family ran away. >> a car comes crashing into this home barreling through the wall landing april side the house. why the own are in says this shocking scene is no surprise. and it's one of the most recognizable things from ikea what's about to get a major makeover. ♪ now, with tomorrow's traffic, here's bob kelly. actually it's me, sue serio
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talking about a construction project bob kelly has another day off and we have more construction to tell you about. this one has the on and off rams from cottman avenue to northbound i-95 closed with a project that will continue until five in the morning. otherwise, we'll see how long this wonderful stretch of weather will last and get you ready for your hump day starting at 4:00 tomorrow morning.
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take a look what cops found when they pulled a car over near detroit. that's a trunkful of gums and ammo. officers pulled the car over after they say the guns inside -- guys were inside were waving guns out of the window driving along the enter state. police say the guns are all legally registered the problem police also found an open bottle of vodka and marijuana. so far no word on any charges. prosecutors have filed felony weapon charges against a man arrested before the los angeles gay pride parade. 20-year-old james how well face add judge today. police arrested him sunday. he found the indiana resident sitting in his car in his car with explosives and rifles. hours after the orlando nightclub attack. his ex-boyfriend told reporter today's after they broke up how well threatened him with a rifle. a judge has set his bail at
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$2 million saying he poses a significant public safety dang danger. young family became the target of armed carjackers right in the middle of the day. >> the mom had to snatch her one-year-old baby out of the car seat as the guys got away with the famili' cars it happened in busy parking lot of an atlanta cafe. the mercedes the carjackers took had a track did he go advice on it cops found it a short time later. he pointed a gun at the mom while yelling to her boyfriend that he would kill him. but police say the couple did everything they should have in this situation. >> calm enough to keep their if you can cull tease to give us the proper information we needed that ended up helping us locate the car and ultimately catch one of the perpetrators. >> police say the 18-year-old suspect they arrested already has four felony arrests. they are looking for a second suspect. a philadelphia man caught in a gunman's sites inside the orlando nightclub. tonight he's telling his story
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from a hospital. how he managed to escape. kathy? dry for now but for how long? rain moving in to our seven day forecast. details coming up. >> a mom's trip to the store turned into fight for her one-year-old son. one thing she says kept her son
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>> we are on top of breaking news. wilmington, delaware, we go. someone has shot at least five people all are at the hospital. early reports indicate some of those victims are children that is not yet confirmed though. it happened right around 9:15 tonight near elm and south van burr recent streets. we're working to confirm all of this information. our shawnette wilson is there at the scene authorities do tell us all of the victims thank goodness are in stable conditi condition. camden county judge has ruled that interview between detectives and a local father accused of killing his young son can be entered as evidence in his murder trial. an attorney for david cree yacht tow injury argued investigators miss letter his client and never
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told him he was a suspect in the death of his three-year-old brandon. camden county superior court judge kelly said however that cree yacht tow appeared more than willing to cooperate with investigators. his trial is now set to start on october 3rd. he has pleaded not guilty to murder and child endangerment charges in the death of his little boy. as the world remembers 49 people murdered in orlando nightclub we're hearing from survivors hit by the gunman's bullets. angel santiago just moved to orlando from philadelphia the gunman shot him twice. fox 29's bill anderson breaks down how he escaped. >> i was bleeding. my friend jeff was bleeding a lot. i was on the ground in a pool of blood. i wasn't sure whose it was. >> for hours angel santiago described being in a bathroom stall with his many as 15 people many like angel had been shot. some he said obviously deceased. others trying to figure out a way to escape the club. >> i had to drag myself out of the bathroom toward the bar area
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where i was initially. until i actually saw like the face of a police officer so when i finally saw an officer, i had my cell phone in my hand and i started waving the light so he could see me. >> even after he got out, angel santiago told a story we've heard numerous times since this mass killing took place. victims were at least as concerned about their friends as they were about themselves. >> just telling him my friend was shot, there's several people there who i believe are dead, and there are at least 15 people in there. like we need your hem. we need someone to go in there. >> reporter: surrounded by friends and family, angel expressed thanks that the friends he was with that night survived. condolences for those that lost their lives and gratitude along with admitted shock that he lived to share his story. >> i'm just grateful to be alive because after seeing what occurred i don't even know how i'm alive today. >> reporter: both patience carter and angel santiago were
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remarkablely composed and strong based on everything that they've been through. but they still have long road to recovery. angel santiago friends and familiar vol created a gofundme account to help with medical expenses. we'll put that up on our fox 29 facebook page to help that healing process. in the newsroom, i'm bill anderson fox 29 news. you can see the entire press conference with both angel santiago and our intern patience carter on our website. just head to speaking from the white house today, president obama said it's time for change in the united states. the president coming down hard on the gun lobby urging congress to finally pass gun legislation. president obama also calling out republicans who he says are using dangerous rhetoric to feed right into terrorists hands. >> we inn state the assault weapons ban. make it harder for terrorists to use these weapons to kill us. otherwise, despite extraordinary
3:32 am
efforts across our government by local law enforcement, by our intelligence agencies, by our military, despite all the sacrifices that folks make, these kinds of events are going keep on happening. >> republican national committee says policies proposed by the president would not have prevented the terror attack in orlando. on your radar tonight, we have kathy orr talking about a cooler evening. >> um-hmm. much cooler evening and another warm day tomorrow. as a matter of fact the heat will peak during the day tomorrow before we cool it down with rain in the forecast. right now still 74 degrees in philadelphia. the high today 78. the dew point is 45. that is very dry air not a very humid june so far. i'll take it. 57 right now in the poconos. 69 in allentown. 70 in wilmington and in millville it is 57. our ocean water temperatures right around 66 degrees. so warming up and you can see the shore temperatures pretty close to that as well. ocean city 66. little bit milder in ac on the
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boardwalk at 70. we'll watch high pressure build off the coast over the next 24 hours. a mild day tomorrow. the high around 81, 82 degrees. and then we'll watch this front approach from the southwest. a warm front and of course then a cold front lagging behind and with it an area of low pressure that will bring rain to the forecast and to the delaware valley by thursday a chance possibly friday morning but the best chance will be thursday and then as we work our way into the weekend for father's day, it looks very dry. on fox future cast we'll go hour by hour and you can see tomorrow mainly sunny by the afternoon and evening. some clouds rolling in. and by 7:00 a.m. thursday, we see the showers moving in from the southwest. rain especially in the morning and then pretty much dwindling by the late afternoon and into the evening period. so overnight tonight in the city 60. our suburbs 55. fair skies pretty quiet overnight uneventful with a light wind that will help those temperatures to fall quickly. during the day tomorrow 81 with a mix of sun and clouds. real pleasant westerly winds
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right about 5 miles an hour so not much wind, not much humidity. another pretty perfect day. as we look ahead on the fox 297 day forecast, and shore cast, 81 during the day on wednesday. thursday rain and cooler. the high temperature only 73 degrees. rain mainly the first part of the day. chance of a shower friday morning. otherwise 80 degrees. saturday and sunday looking great. sunday for our dads and grand dads, the high 84 degrees. by monday, summer begins with a mix sun and clouds 87 and by tuesday, the second full day of summer, not so bad. 90 degrees. i think that will be our fourth, 90-degree day of the year and as we look down the shore, high temperatures in the 70s by next week into the 80s. >> here we go. >> that's pretty hot down the shore. >> that is. >> enjoy. >> thank you, kathy. >> you bet. a couple says this same guy taken packages right off their doorstep. unwelcomed surprises they left as a trap to catch him on
3:35 am
surveillance video. >> a car crashed into this home barreling through the wall landing inside the house. why the owner says this scene is no surprise. and it's one of the most recognizable things from ikea. >> the meet ball? >> no. >> not the meet balls. what about to get a major makeover. stay tune. >> all right.
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>> these guys you'll see them here in a second. look like maintenance workers, don't they? they're actually burglars that hit this home on the 4600 block of piling street in frankford section of the city after confirming nobody was home. they broke in through a second floor window and burglarized the house. if you recognize them, call police. so tonight in your money general motors rolling out a new safety device that could save the lives of young children. a back seat reminder is being rolled out for the 2017gmc acadia suv. if you open the back seat door the feature will play a sound
3:39 am
and did he say play a dash port message when the driver is leaving the car. the goal of course is to prevent heat stroke deaths when babies are left in the car. the device will be put in other gm models at a later date. >> if you like ikea you probably have one, two, maybe a dozen of those lou plastic ikea bags in your house iconic bag is getting big old makeover. a lot of folks laundry and recycling bags a lot more chic. the 99-cent bag no longer blue and yellow. it's forest green and white made of a think woven fabric. makes its debut next year. big news for lot of people apparently. special day at fox 29. >> u.s. army celebrated its birthday in philadelphia today. >> now, mike jerrick, i can hear you with my earpiece. you got to be quiet. >> okay, i'll be quiet. >> okay. so patrick, under secretary, when you did this for the first time you admit it was a little scary, right. >> little scary.
3:40 am
>> hohow you feeling right now. i feel good, i'm a pro. >> that's our jenn fred repelling down our studio alongside the army under secretary patrick murphy. along with a special guest chef robert irvine. >> that is fantastic. neighbors called for help when they're drainage system backed up. the smell terrible. what crews found stuck inside no one expected. >> she gave a heartfelt and devastating account of what happened inside orlando nightclub young local woman'
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♪ check out this giant alligator found in the drainage system of a neighborhood in fort myers, florida. workers with transportatio trans department came to investigate a complaint about a bad odor coming from a catch basin the 11-foot dead alligator removed by uncakes fifty eight and disposed in a dump site. >> atlanta woman's trip to the store with her young children tied into a fight for her toddler. she says two people struck up a conversation with her as another woman tried grab one of their twin boys right out of the cart. >> one thing kept him safe. fox's marissa mitchell spoke to that mom. >> i just yelled stop and she just kind of put him down and
3:44 am
then walked off. >> reporter: she said she didn't expecting to off while shopping with her 81-year-old identical twin sons and her three-year-old daughter. in fact while waiting at the check out counter, she says she chatted with other shoppers about her children. >> i have identical twins. i'm used to people coming up to them. there's a lot of interest. >> reporter: george says she strapped one son to her body the other inside a shopping cart. she says while she looked away a woman reached for her son in the cart. >> she never turned to meme never interacted with me. put my son down and then tried to undo the buckle of the shopping cart, and lift him up again. and i reached out to her and i was like stop! >> reporter: police tell fox they're investigating george's report. they also say they've identified the woman in question as well as a man who was with her. officers confirm the couple bought items from the store after the incident. >> she was trying to take him. wouldn't they have run but then again if it was attempt and they
3:45 am
needed to see what works and doesn't work, you know, if you act like nothing went on, then, i didn't do anything. you know they just checked out with their few items and that was it. >> reporter: george says a mid the fear, she learned a lesson. >> i mean the point for me i always put them strap on. i always have. but, upping, i won't turn my back to the cart now. >> reporter: in dekalb county, marisca mitchell, fox news. california couple tried to trap someone who stole their package by leaving an unusual lure outside their home. it was a box filled with dog waste. the guy they were trying to trap fell for it. the homeowners say this guy is the same man who stole package off their front porch a couple days before. they wanted very clear pictures of him so they did what they did and sure enough the guy took the bait. >> it was the same guy that had stolen the first package two days before. we were angry enough to do something like that so stay away from our house.
3:46 am
>> imagine his surprise when he opened it up. police are hoping these very clear pictures of him will lead to an arrest. >> imagine the horror of having a car crash into your home for one man in san jose california the feeling is all too familiar. it's happened 19 times. ray minute has lived there for over 60 years. last night's crash you're looking at the right there was the worst yet. >> he had to be close to 100 miles an hour. i don't know how he survived. >> first one shocks you. and then after that, you know, as long as nobody in the house is hurt you don't care leg get repaired. >> great attitude. >> yeah it is. >> as the driver may have been drunk. witness says the police took the driver away in handcuffs. luckily no one was hurt. more than 48 hours after gunman marched into an orlando nightclub and opened fire many across the cun teen the world continue to come together and to support the victims and their
3:47 am
families this vigil earlier this evening in moorestown, new jersey, the crowd joined together in song and remembrance of the dozens of lives lost. as we showed you earlier in our newscast, two of those survivors spoke today for the first time. both are from philadelphia. one is an intern right here at fox 29. >> before patience carter described a horror of that night she read a poem she wrote while healing in the hospital. >> the guilt of feeling grateful to be alive is heavy. wanting to smile about surviving but not sure if the people around you are ready. as the world mourns the victims killed and viciously slain i feel guilty about screaming about my legs in pain because i could feel nothing. like the other 49 who weren't so lucky to feel this pain of mine. i never thought in a million years that this could happen. i never thought in a million years that my eyes could witness
3:48 am
something so tragic. looking at the souls leaving the bodies of individuals, looking at the killer's machine gun throughout my right peripheral, looking at the blood and debris covered on everyone's faces. looking at the gunman's feet under the stall as he paces. the guilt of feeling lucky to be alive is heavy. it's like the weight of the ocean's walls crushing uncontrolled by levees. it's like being drug through the grass with a shattered leg and thrown on the back of a chef z it's like being rushed to the hospital and told you're going to make it when you laid beside individuals who lives were brutally taken. the guilt of being alive is heavy. >> our thoughts and prayers of course remain with patience, her family and everyone affected by
3:49 am
this atrocity. we are in couldn't ant communication with patience and we'll keep updated on her recovery. we'll continue to follow this story on the air and online at we'll updating our stories with the latest information just look for links on the home page. a very busy night. more breaking news right now. philadelphia police have confirmed the identity of the woman found handcuffed and murdered near the mann center. she is toy scharr today brian 26 from chester. police say they have notified her family. investigators believe someone tortured her before they killed her. a couple passing by found her body. they are still looking for that killer. all right. howard is here what's coming up in sports. >> how am i supposed to do that after all that? >> it's a tough day. >> it really is. >> it really has been. >> i'll try to lighten it up. the dream of a lifetime for a golfer from drexel. he qualified in his playing in the us open on thursday. a fan found unique way to stay in the game and the phillies are finding it hard these days to
3:50 am
get it back. but they did earlier in the season and they have
3:51 am
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3:53 am
i'm glad tim tebow found some work. all right. phillies minor league call up pitching his first game in the major leagues today zach and his day in the game were over in the third. let's go toronto and take look. zach up for the injured vince velasquez his family there was to watch his first major league outing. not g toronto up one to nothing in the second. the lead off hitter, that's a homerun that makes it two to nothing. he'll be three more homeruns by toronto. third inning with toronto up three to nothing. today rare rah two run homer make it five to nothing. it's not over yet in the third inning. sick runs in the third. bases loaded josh donaldson up, that was bad pitch and that ball is outta there. grand slam. nine-zero. he goes two and two-thirds innings, nine runs. phillies have not won two straight since may 17th. they lose it allege-three. best game in baseball washington and the cubs. let's go to washington. good catch by chris bryant. not known for his defense he
3:54 am
also playings third. he can hit. i don't know that he can field with the game tied in the ninth inning at three. alberta march rah a good young player for the cubs breaks the tie. the cubs within four-three. 2016us open starts this week at oakmont country club outside of pittsburgh coverage starts thursday morning here on fox. in the field of 156 golfers a student from drexel university the first player ever to play in an open from drexel. chris crawford from horsham needed to make this 40-foot putt in a qualifier monday in summit, new jersey, and he made it! close to 10,000 non scam players failed to qualify but risque crawford is in. one of 10 amateurs in the field. >> i do remember taking the putter back and looking up and see the ball was halfway there and praying it was going to catch that left side of the hole which it did. after that it was kind of a blur. >> now at age 22, chris will live out a dream. this week and play in the us
3:55 am
open in his home state. >> honestly a big part of what i'm looking forward to is just being around the clubhouse, being around that locker room. history that oakmont has almost unparalelled in this country's golfing history. so that's big part of it for me just going and really taking all that in. i've been lucky. i've had lot of great people who have supported me, and, you kn know, i consider myself from fortunate. >> all right. sometimes fans get bored in the stands at a baseball game. they have to amuse itself. still playing and a fan in san diego had him down pat. let's go to san diego. that's itch row on the left batting. that's the fan dressed like him imitates to a tee at the bat imitates on the bases. the whole game this guy is unbelievable. and then when his homerun trot he does that, too. >> that's amazing. >> incredible. >> mannerism. >> thank you howard. breaking news out of walt
3:56 am
disneyworld. two-year-old missing is report reportedly dragged into the water by an alligator at the grand floridian rei sore. depth deputes are searching the water. stay with fox 29 for updatat
3:57 am
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4:00 am
>> two breaking stories from overnight, right now firefighters are battling a massive fire at a local supply store. plus, five people shot in a late night shooting. who officials think may have been involved in the shooting in wilmington. >> hear more from patience carter about the night she nearly died. >> another developing story out of orlando, child missing feared who have been taken by alligator, the latest on the investigation next. good day everybody, it is wednesday, june 15th, 2016. three big national stories coming out of orlando in just the last week. u


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